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It's passion that started Shoot the Curl Marketing. A passion for Product Marketing and the belief that Product Marketing is a critical function for go-to-market success for any company. However, through our years, it became evident that the practice of Product Marketing is often applied inconsistently and incompletely. Many Product Marketers stumble through the role, learning as they go because often there isn't any guiding principles, a codex of practices and approaches to go by or great mentors to work alongside. By sharing content and best practices, we hope to elevate Product Marketing. 

Product Marketers

From initial market and competitive analysis to positioning and messaging to actual launch, we help individual Product Marketers up their game.

Product Marketing Teams

We help Product Marketing teams establish and mature their processes, and drive greater go-to-market outcomes.


We help companies strategize, implement and enhance the Product Marketing function for maximum go-to-market impact.

We Show You How to Do Product Marketing


Drive Insights That Guide Action and Growth

Product Marketers have the tools at their fingertips to drive market and competitive insights that inform the business and shape the direction of its go-to-market strategies. From market analysis to sales feedback to win/loss programs to competitive reviews, we help Product Marketers generate the insights needed to ensure success of their portfolios and their companies at large.


Go-to-Market With Greater Impact

All too often companies stumble through their go-to-market efforts and lose both momentum and impact when they take their new offerings to market. From the smallest to the largest organizations, Product Marketing can be a force for change and a champion of the Product Life Cycle resulting in go-to-markets that make a splash in the marketplace at the right time, with the right message to the right audience.


Enable Sellers for Greater Success

The best Product Marketers and Product Marketing teams never lose sight of their Sales counterparts. However, the approaches, methods and tools Product Marketers can use to educate sellers are often applied inconsistently across organizations. Product Marketers must produce content and training that enables Sales teams to quickly understand new and existing offerings and how best to position them to win.



Key Topic Areas to Address for Sellers in a Navigable Side Bar
Tabbed Reference So Sellers Always Know What Material They Are Reviewing
Plenty of White Space for Populating Content

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